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Save the Planet

- Thursday, 6 October 2016 No Comments
Live green
Love green Be Green
We are just mankind…without the earth we’re nothing.

By Ojasvi Anand (10549) of VIII-B

By Parth Anand (12549) of I-D

By AYAAN  BHAGRA (12422) of I-A

Our Nature

- Thursday, 15 September 2016 1 Comment

"We need three main components to live that is food, water and air.
We get them all because of the nature.
Otherwise, we will have to die.
So, plant trees, save the life"
                                   - Adwin C. Varghese (10290) of Class VIII-B

By Aradhya Kharbanda (11748) of VIII-B

By Aanya Vasistha (11833) of III-C

By Dimayra Ratnani (11879) of III-D

By Nainika Ghai (12306) of III-D

By Eliza Massey (12424) of I-E 

By Eliza Massey (12424) of I-E 

Oh my Nature

- Saturday, 20 August 2016 No Comments
Oh! My Nature
You are God’s creature,
The small birds twitter.
The river waves glitter.

But the pollution is growing
And the man is destroying
The horrible wind of weather,
Would stain the beautiful heather!
Sometimes we something beautiful
And we remember it for a lifetime,
But the nature stays as immortal,
It remains till the doomsday occur!

Oh! My Nature
You are God’s creature,
You were there in the past,
You were here in the present
And you will be there in the future too

                             TUSITA PAUL (10454)


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- No Comments

Keep India clean
This is the dream that
Great people have seen.

From Gandhiji to Modi
From west to east
Everyone wants India
To look neat and clean.

If you see a broom
It is like a boon
To say hello to health
And to bring back our real wealth.

Now you will see a
Broom in everyone’s hand
Who will clean their own
Then only you will feel the
Genuine essence of India’s sand.



For More info click SFS ECO CLUB -"HARITIMA"


- Monday, 14 September 2015 4 Comments
“I think I owe something to Liverpool. “

(Thinks and continues..)
“Football is an outlet to forget everything. It gives me that rare opportunity to be unconditionally happy.”

"The best part of the day, is talking to rex, who's really close to me, my best friend.. my dog.."

“I love socializing but at the same time I also feel that the less people you be with, the less complexities you deal with. “

(Suddenly with a smile)

“And yeah, though I prefer to be quiet, I never miss out to debate on the issues or logics noteworthy to me ”

“I would say, my ultimate dream is to contribute something extraordinary to the field of science and make a significant change in the lives of people….and be remembered for good . :) ” 

-Antony Xavier George , centre back!


This is a post by Antony Xavier George of Class 11-D 


- Thursday, 27 August 2015 No Comments
“I think I am an open minded, sarcastic fat guy (smiles). “

“I have this distinctive love for sketching and singing. I constantly work on the betterment of my professionality.”

“I’m not the one who hides their feelings I think I have a natural and an uncontrollable habit of being sarcastic and funny. Though it becomes too much at times, I don’t want to change it …because it is who I am. This is also the reason I don’t have any good friends because people do not get an impression of me as a serious person.”

“My idea of interaction is not wasteful chitchats with some not so genuine friends, rather, spending quality time with my family. My ultimate dream or rather fantasy is to have my own successful and highly followed youtube channel. I wanna move people by sharing as much knowledge as possible”

- Yatharth Criss Ojha , everyone!!


This is a post by Yatharth Ojha of Class 11-B 

How To Reset Parents Login Password in SFS Campus Care

- Tuesday, 7 July 2015 No Comments
Here is the step by step instructions to reset the Parents Login Password. Through which parent's can reset the lost password by themselves,

1) Go to the SFS Campus care site through www.sfscampuscare,org

2) To reset the password, click on the PARENTS icon

3)      Click on Forgot UserID/Password

4)  Enter the Registered Mobile Number (Mobile number in which you are getting school messages) followed by the code and click the Reset button.