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By SFS de Sales School - Thursday, 27 August 2015 No Comments
“I think I am an open minded, sarcastic fat guy (smiles). “

“I have this distinctive love for sketching and singing. I constantly work on the betterment of my professionality.”

“I’m not the one who hides their feelings I think I have a natural and an uncontrollable habit of being sarcastic and funny. Though it becomes too much at times, I don’t want to change it …because it is who I am. This is also the reason I don’t have any good friends because people do not get an impression of me as a serious person.”

“My idea of interaction is not wasteful chitchats with some not so genuine friends, rather, spending quality time with my family. My ultimate dream or rather fantasy is to have my own successful and highly followed youtube channel. I wanna move people by sharing as much knowledge as possible”

- Yatharth Criss Ojha , everyone!!


This is a post by Yatharth Ojha of Class 11-B 

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