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By SFS de Sales School - Monday, 14 September 2015 4 Comments
“I think I owe something to Liverpool. “

(Thinks and continues..)
“Football is an outlet to forget everything. It gives me that rare opportunity to be unconditionally happy.”

"The best part of the day, is talking to rex, who's really close to me, my best friend.. my dog.."

“I love socializing but at the same time I also feel that the less people you be with, the less complexities you deal with. “

(Suddenly with a smile)

“And yeah, though I prefer to be quiet, I never miss out to debate on the issues or logics noteworthy to me ”

“I would say, my ultimate dream is to contribute something extraordinary to the field of science and make a significant change in the lives of people….and be remembered for good . :) ” 

-Antony Xavier George , centre back!


This is a post by Antony Xavier George of Class 11-D 

4 comments to ''WE STUDENTS OF SFS"

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